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At Aminokit Labs, we take pride in our multi-faceted philosophy. We understand that substance abuse is a complex disorder that is difficult to treat single-handedly. Our treatment program fuses state-of-the-art techniques for substance abuse with cutting-edge medical interventions for repairing neurotransmitters, and normalizing the brain’s chemistry through a practice known as amino acid intravenous therapy.

Aminokit Labs holds the only U.S. patent for amino acid intravenous and oral therapy. Don’t be fooled by other facilities that claim to provide this treatment by inaccurate duplication.

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Medical Detox

Drug or alcohol addiction is not something that can be conquered through willpower alone. You may have engaged in dangerous, mind-altering behavior for years, such as alcohol, cocaine, crack, Ecstasy, marijuana, methamphetamines and opiates.
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DUI/MIP Classes

The State of Colorado cracks down hard on people who operate a motor vehicle under the influence. If you’re unfortunate enough to receive a DUI/DWAI (Driving under the Influence/Driving While Alcohol Impaired) ticket in Colorado, you must register for and take these classes
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License Agreements

Intravenous chelation clinics, addiction facilities, chiropractic offices and chiropractors possess keen insight and skill to administer Gamma Globulin Protein I.V. treatments for alcohol and substance abuse recovery. These professionals have a unique understanding of natural
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The protocols implemented by AminoKit Laboratories, dba Treatment Centers XL, are considered groundbreaking by the scientific community. Established over 16 years ago, we were the first drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in America to incorporate I.V. amino acid infusion therapy into our program. Our patented amino acid infusions facilitate the restoration of neurotransmitters damaged by chemicals such as opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and alcohol.

The human brain is composed of more than 100 billion cells called neurons. It is known that alcohol addiction and other substance abuse can greatly harm these cells. Our patients are treated with our U.S. patented TGGRS Amino Acid Neurotransmitter Restoration formula, which greatly diminishes both acute and long term cravings and withdrawal symptoms that often occur during the full detoxification process.

Addiction recovery can be a lengthy process. Generally, it takes nearly eighteen months to revert neurotransmitter and receptor sites to a pre-addiction state. This period of recovery, referred to as Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS), can be torturous for those beginning recovery. That time period is immensely reduced with our revolutionary neurotransmitter restoration protocol, which is proven to rebuild and revitalize these receptors in 10 treatments. That reduces the eighteen month recovery process to 10 days.


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